Characteristics of a Great Coaching Client

>> 17 October 2007

....taken from the MAPS Gamebook for Productivity Coaches

  • They come to coaching appointments prepared. They have questions written and issues to discuss
  • They show up on time
  • They are committed to creating a plan
  • They are committed to creating a schedule
  • They are willing to perform the work the coach is asking of them
  • They are willing to be held accountable
  • They realize the coach will not allow them to stay in drama or be a victim
  • They are truthful in their reports and issues
  • They are open to change and new ideas
  • They use their coach - not depend on them
  • They will discuss their limiting beliefs and allow the coach to help them through their self-defeating behaviors
  • They will talk openly with the coach if they are not getting what they want or need from the coaching relationship
  • They understand that coaching is an investment in their personal and professional growth
  • They understand that coaching is a PROCESS not an event
  • They take personal responsibility to complete assignments and tasks that guide them toward becoming a capping agent

Now let's get to capping!