Characteristics of a Great Coaching Client

>> 17 October 2007

....taken from the MAPS Gamebook for Productivity Coaches

  • They come to coaching appointments prepared. They have questions written and issues to discuss
  • They show up on time
  • They are committed to creating a plan
  • They are committed to creating a schedule
  • They are willing to perform the work the coach is asking of them
  • They are willing to be held accountable
  • They realize the coach will not allow them to stay in drama or be a victim
  • They are truthful in their reports and issues
  • They are open to change and new ideas
  • They use their coach - not depend on them
  • They will discuss their limiting beliefs and allow the coach to help them through their self-defeating behaviors
  • They will talk openly with the coach if they are not getting what they want or need from the coaching relationship
  • They understand that coaching is an investment in their personal and professional growth
  • They understand that coaching is a PROCESS not an event
  • They take personal responsibility to complete assignments and tasks that guide them toward becoming a capping agent

Now let's get to capping!


From Colorado to You with Care

>> 11 October 2007

It is late. I'm still running on the energy from a special event we had this evening. A powerful event that I know impacted everyone who participated. More on that after I have had some time to reflect and ruminate. I will tell you, our exercise tonight affirmed that what you visualize and believe within, and act upon with 100% energy and focus, you can accomplish. YES anything.

I'm at a coaching skills training camp in Broomfield, Colorado. The last 2 days have been powerful and much needed. One of the bloggers I often read is also here. I recognized him the first morning as if a celebrity were sitting there. Barry, I hope you don't mind, but I can't get it all out tonight. So I'm going to redirect to you...again.... you have said much of what I wanted to but you were the one with the discipline to get up early and write about it. See what Barry Owen, a fellow KW Productivity Coach has to say about our training here...

The other must share is the AWFUL but true story from Steve Crossland's Blog. Another one of my favorite real estate bloggers who is still selling. Please read The Diary of a Busted Real Estate Deal. And if you are an agent, please NEVER be a COMPLETE BOZO like this buyer's agent. Thanks Steve for sharing your experience and especially how you handled it.

This coach is headed for rest. I'm looking forward to the last bit here tomorrow and excited about the skills I'm learning that will help me not only in my coaching, but in all areas of my life. I ALWAYS want to be growing and expanding. Do you?


That Darn 20% Again- Flush it Out

>> 02 October 2007

Today I heard in one breath: "Man, I'm used to a deal every month and this month nothing."

.....and in the next I heard, "I'm just not doing my 20%." Gee, I wonder if there is a direct correlation? (The answer is YES). For more info on 20% see the following link:

So to give the guy a break, he's merely lost focus on WHAT that 20% actually is.

We have a session in our agent training that talks about revenue producing actions vs business supporting actions. 80% of your time should be spent doing the revenue producing actions. Revenue producing actions ARE YOUR 20%. Another way to say it is revenue producing actions are the "highest and best use of your time."

Take out 2 pieces of paper. On one, write "80 %" & "Supporting." On the other write "20%" & "Revenue Producing."

Now write down everything you do as a part of your work day on one of those two pieces of paper. Write down everything you need to do, or want to do, on one of those two pieces of paper. Actually, do you need a 3rd piece of paper labeled "Useless Activities that Wasted my Time."

Be sure you focus on and accomplish your 20% first. As Julie said last week, "I won't let my self out of the house until I have made all my calls and written my notes." As much as a MUST as brushing her teeth! It has become a habit that is changing her business.

Said agent from the conversation at the beginning of this post just walked by....after our meeting today, he went to go work on LEAD GENERATION-- the absolute most important 20% in this business....and I'll be darned if he doesn't have 2 new lot listings in his hand. All it took was some concentrated effort and persistence.

There is business out there...there are relationships to develop...there are people to call and ask if they know anyone looking to buy or sell right now....there are past clients to call on and check in. If you wait for the phone to ring, you may wait a long time. Go out and generate your next opportunity. Where is your next lead and what are you doing to flush it out?

flush out someone/something
to force a person or animal to stop hiding -
I am going to talk to everyone I know or meet until I flush out the next opportunity to help someone buy or sell a house.

flush out something
to cause something to become obvious - By making 10 phone calls to my database, I was able to flush out 2 potential leads.