maximum marketing makes your memorable

>> 03 September 2007

Since I have been out of production, I have rare occasion, much less time to cruise the MLS. Labor day gave me some extra time to be on the computer at my leisure. I enjoyed checking out my favorite neighborhoods, and looking into a few homes on my parent's block....a block that is becoming an expensive block. This one is behind my parents house

Click on the photos for MLS links.

This is one I love down the street from mom and dad's. You would never be able to tell it has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. I drool every time I drive by.

Maybe someday we will redo my folks house and it will bump up a million in value. Enough of the fun stuff, here is my advice for agents who want to stand out after seeing more than a few of the marketing don'ts on the MLS today:

  1. Always post the maximum amount of photos, and take good shots. If you are camera inept, hire a photographer. Do this for your listings in ALL price ranges. Treat your clients fairly --and simply provide excellent service. In this case, excellent marketing. (HOW these people get these listings in the millions and get away with only one or two lame photographs, I will never understand).

  2. A virtual tour is a must as well. It makes your listing "sticky" and the longer they linger at your listing the more likely you are to get a lead. At minimum, use the KWLS or your own site to post as many extra photos that highlight the property in a positive way.

  3. Post your sellers disclosure, survey and any other supporting documents on the listing under media. Have this information available to the other agents who will be showing your listing. Make it EASY for them to make an offer by providing everything they need within the listing.

  4. COMPLETELY fill out the MLS listing. While only certain fields are required, fill out everything you can. Give a complete picture of the property.

Oh, so the other listings we were looking at were luxury listings? You want to know how those agents get the luxury listings? They do the same for their less expensive listings too. Click photo for link to virtual tour.

It is your responsiblity to represent your client's best interest. Do the BEST marketing you can and with out a doubt, POST the MAXIMUM amount of photos allowed.

One last listing to lust over. I love the dusk photos with the house all lit up and the contemporary re-do. Click photo for the virtual tour.