End of Week Ramble by the Coach

>> 21 September 2007

What a week at work. I moved from one office to another last week and still haven't completely unpacked. Unpacking seems to be an 80% activity and this week there were plenty of 20% tasks to complete. Despite all the gloom about "the market" my agents are writing deals. Way to go gang. I'm noticing many of them developing great habits that will lead to opportunities to help people buy or sell homes. It is a pleasure to work with people who are willing and eager to become professional real estate business people.
One conversation I had with an agent who has deemed himself "my favorite new agent," was about the shift in real estate. His mother has been in this business since he was a child and he was remarking how this is no longer a boutique industry or people playing real estate in their spare time. It isn't. No more playing real estate. This is hard work. Just ask another new agent, Charlie. This isn't a job-- it is harder, takes more time and organization, more tenacity and will also provide more return....than a "job." The same new agent who was talking about this being the "real estate business" has come to the industry with the mindset of starting, building and growing a real estate business that down the road, he will sell. Yes, Doug, you get it.
Enough realty for now. Off to enjoy a balanced life and my family.

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