Are you demoting or promoting yourself at work?

>> 11 September 2007

If you had a choice to make and you knew that it would damage your family? Would you still make it?
If you had a choice to make and you KNEW it would sabotage your relationships, would you still make it?
If you had a choice to make at work that would damage and sabotage your success in your career, maybe even get you fired, would you still make it?

I'm reluctant to write a post with this negative slant to it. But I'm concerned - and last night on the radio I heard the statement regarding a completely different matter, "...make choices that sabotage your career...." and I thought of real estate and how many agents make excuse after excuse to avoid doing what it takes to advance their careers. I can't tell you how deeply I want you to care about your business, more than any other job you have had...I want you to advance, not sabotage your career.

How many of us, if we had to answer to a boss every day, would choose NOT to show up to work? If you did show up and were not getting the job done, would you eventually get fired?

They say 86% of people who get in to real estate will get out within a year. I can almost guarantee you that the 86% who get out, would have also been fired if they had a similar work ethic in an OTHER-employed position. Choose to be the 14% who suit up, show up and are here to stay. Let's start changing those ratios.

Quit sabotaging your career. Have a frank discussion with your BOSS (in real estate that is YOURSELF) and lay out what you need to do. If you don't know, come see me, I will coach you and help you lay out the TO DO list for success. Then decide that you are going to impress the heck out of your boss. Decide that you are going to show up to work and not just PLAY real estate. Decide that you are going to do what it takes. Decide that you are going to learn every day, something about your field. Decide that you are going to be consistent with your clients. What, don't have clients? Decide that TODAY you will go get some. Decide that you will track your activity, and the results. Decide that you are going to be dedicated to your business. Decide that the decisions you make will advance, not damage your career.

On that note, I did see some folks yesterday who did all of the above. Pearl- you knocked it out of the park. Julie, you said you worked so hard all day...and you did. You also followed that statement with "today I'm having a good day." Hard work is actually fulfilling. Kevin, welcome to the team. You showed up day ONE ready to accept the task at hand, and you did it! Charlie, you have also put forth the work and effort from day one and already have the results to prove it. Your BOSSES should be impressed! Judy, you came too, and did the work and it paid off.

17 of you showed up yesterday first thing for rising stars....and as Alan said, if "I were in any other job, I'd be up Monday, dressed and ready to go and in the office. So here I am, every Monday." You will be a mega in your business. Keep it up!

And so on with the business of the day. I can't wait to see you all promote your get to work. ;)