...And the Alarm Goes Off Again

>> 04 September 2007

Today I was reminded today about the "alarms" all too common in real estate. Not the kind of alarms on a house, but the alarms that seemingly go off pretty much every day in the real estate business. And at the time they sound -- loud, startling and most definitely unnerving sounds... they seem so disruptive. Remember Chicken Little? The sky was always falling, and if you aren't careful, real estate can be that way too.

I remember this being common as a new agent...and was reminded of this all to familiar feeling by one of my newer agents and a situation with a buyer's rep agreement. Last month, I had 2 agents involved in a deal with a funky and completely incorrect appraisal situation. I remember one of the agents sounding the alarm. He was only repeating the alarm he was hearing in his own world...not to mention the alarm his clients were feeling.

In both of these situations, I never really FELT the alarm. The experience in me KNEW that the appraiser was inept if she was comparing lake front frame homes to mobile homes and that in the end, while it might take a few days, the deal would close and there would be a legitimate appraisal to justify the contract price. Today, I KNEW that most likely this agent's client would not leave her hanging. That something else must be going on and she would find out the whole situation when they spoke.

But, how did I KNOW theses things. I have to say, it could only be from time and experience. It was only because of the countless times I fretted over a mild (I didn't realize it was mild at the time) inspection report, or completely and silently freaked out during negotiations because I'd yet to hear back from the cooperating agent. Somehow, over time I realized that my job wasn't selling real estate. It wasn't helping people buy homes. My job was actually solving problems... some fun to solve (matching a buyer with a home and bridging a negotiation gap)..and others a little more of a pain (this list is really long). In the end, the fun ones are easy, but the other problems I've solved are the ones I'm most proud of. They are the reason I consider myself "really good at what I do."

So for my newer agents... It is only natural during unfamiliar situations (and ones involving someone else's well being and lots of $) that the trepidation of the bumps along these unfamiliar roads might be amplified. Amplified is an understatement at this stage...they will FREAK YOU OUT...and that is why I am here: to remind you to take a deep breath. Then take another. Then call your mentor, your coach, your team leader and seek council. Seek support and advice from those around you, and seek for solution inside yourself. I'll bet you know inside the way to approach the problem. This is the best part....every time the alarm goes off, after a little venting and a few deep breaths, I've seen my agents silent the alarm and calmly address the situation- the solution being within every time.

In time, you recognize the alarms for what they are....and in the mean time, I'm here to help, listen, and advise. And know, that I LOVE that you care enough about your clients, and your transactions, and your businesses to do a good job, to be concerned, and to want it to be right. That is what will make you great REALTORS!