pointing to crossland teams blog again

>> 23 August 2007



Anonymous 8:45 AM  

Suggestion - when you plug in a url, see if there is a way to have it open in a new window so people don't leave your blog.

Allison Crow 9:38 AM  

Thanks for the advice. Here is some of the thought behind why I don't Target=new in my html.

have pages Basically opening links in a new
window is something the *user* should have control over. It's very simple,
they hold down control or something or do a mouse-gesture (Opera) and boom,
it's opened in a new window.

But if you do it for them, it gets annoying because it fills their desktop
up with clutter really fast, breaks the back button....

The target="_blank" thing is being removed from newer versions of HTML...

Visitors will come back to your site if it provides good content and a
reason to go back. They *won't* go back if they feel it does annoying things
and clutters up their screen.

Almost all porn sites do the "open all links in a new window" thing... that
should say something about why you shouldn't do it.