>> 23 August 2007

Are you ready? Are you serious about wanting to be a success? Are you broke and need some money, is your business flat-lined or hemmoraging? Do you need CPR? Do you want me to hand it to you or are you willing and ready to do what it takes? No, I mean REALLY, are you ready to do what it takes? No more "playing real estate." Let's put some actual time and effort into your business.

There is only one thing you can control in this deal, and that is YOURSELF, your mindset, and your activity. This is all you need...that and a good coach. You can either be a victim of the market, or time, or being new, or not knowing how to use the technology, or what ever other ISSUES you have. Or you can control your mindset and your activity and focus on getting the job done. Let's choose the latter...and get the job done - together. I'm committed -- are you?

If you are ready to get the job done, let me know. I'm asking for a step up. I'm offering a step up in return. Let me know if you are ready...



Anonymous 6:21 PM  

Allison-I'm ready!