What is your 20%

>> 30 August 2007

We've all heard the saying:"Work Smarter not Harder" And while this makes perfectly good sense, the problem is; nobody actually shows you how to do it! The 80-20 rule is the crystallization of working smarter. It's the secret to achieving more with less. It's a formula that once understood, can allow you to tap into huge potential in your business.
What is the 80-20 Rule?
The 80-20 rule, also know as the Pareto Principle, states that a small amount of effort (20%) is responsible for a large percentage (80%) of the result.
In other words, if you examined all the chores you undertake in a normal day, you'd find that only 20% of your efforts resulted in 80% of your results.
For example, if you take a look at last year's financial statements, you'd find that 80% of your sales were generated by 20% of your customers.
Dig deeper and you'll find that 80% of your profits were generated by 20% of your sales. Conversely, if you look at customer support, you'll find that 80% of your support headaches come from 20% of your customers.Examples of the 80-20 Rule: The 80-20 rule isn't just restricted to the business world; it manifests itself in every area of daily life.
· Take a look through your wardrobe and chances are you probably wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.
· If you have carpet in your home, you'll discover that 80% of the wear and tear occurs in a small 20% area of the room.
· 20% of drivers on the road cause 80% of the accidents.
How does the 80-20 Rule apply to my Business?
The bottom line is that you should focus on the 20% of the things that really matter. While the real numbers may not be precisely 80% and 20% all the time, the general principle holds true.
It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind, but the 80/20 Rule should be a daily reminder to focus 80% of your time and energy on the 20% of your work that is really important —LEAD GENERATION, VOICE TO VOICE AND FACE TO FACE CONTACT WITH YOUR SPHERE. Productive activities should be a priority over supportive activities. Again, this is a reminder to focus on what works. WHAT IS YOUR 20%

-Some of this content came directly from THIS article and some from my brain.


Saturday post when I shoulnd't be thinking real estate

>> 25 August 2007

I can already see you all rising to the top. I came back to many new contracts, agents who are working diligently only to see their efforts bring transactions and good sprits. I laugh in the face of the market that tries to loom over these agents. Your focus will get you where you want to be.

Interesting links I'd like to share (and thanks to those bloggers for their content...exactly what I was thinking:

this one I could have told you 2 years ago....

Ok...time for me to get my brain out of real estate and on to the sunny day and my family.
see you all monday at rising stars!


pointing to crossland teams blog again

>> 23 August 2007



Are you ready? Are you serious about wanting to be a success? Are you broke and need some money, is your business flat-lined or hemmoraging? Do you need CPR? Do you want me to hand it to you or are you willing and ready to do what it takes? No, I mean REALLY, are you ready to do what it takes? No more "playing real estate." Let's put some actual time and effort into your business.

There is only one thing you can control in this deal, and that is YOURSELF, your mindset, and your activity. This is all you need...that and a good coach. You can either be a victim of the market, or time, or being new, or not knowing how to use the technology, or what ever other ISSUES you have. Or you can control your mindset and your activity and focus on getting the job done. Let's choose the latter...and get the job done - together. I'm committed -- are you?

If you are ready to get the job done, let me know. I'm asking for a step up. I'm offering a step up in return. Let me know if you are ready...